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Tiffany Kendra

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, and moving to Monterey Bay at the age of 5, Tiffany Kendra Boz, spent her childhood amongst the bright colours of Southern States Architecture and Northern Californian landscape. Immigrating to Scotland in her teens, her illustrative vocabulary was vastly increased by the beauty of Scotland’s Scenery and quality of its natural light. Tiffany’s style draws on the effect sun and sky have on the mood of a piece; Just as much thought going into the backdrop of an illustration as the subject of the painting itself. In 2003 Tiffany graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, with an Honours Degree in Illustration and Printmaking. Tiffany has spent the decade perfecting her craft, experimenting with the traditional process of Linoleum Printing and coupling it with various artistic materials.