My life to this point has been spread over five cities amongst two continents.
I use the term City loosely when referring to lovely Dunoon, my final stop at this point. Continuously evolving from Village to Town, Dunoon sits nestled between rolling hills, the sometimes turbulent River Clyde and the A815.
Its only foot hold keeping it from slipping into Island status.


All glassware is heat treated to allow every day use and hand washing. Because all aspects of these designs can be chosen by you, items are always made to order, this can take a bit of time. Please email if you have a time constraint or specific designs in mind.
We also offer discounts on bulk/trade orders, so if you have a shop to stock or a wedding to plan don’t hesitate to email.


Tiffany Kendra Boz

Gallery Glainne
37 Marine Parade
Kirn, Dunoon
Argyll and Bute,
PA23 8HF